Structured Wiring
Think of the structured wiring system as the nervous system of your home.
Structured wiring covers phone, network and cable/ satellite distribution.
These are the basic building blocks of your entertainment, data and
automation systems. We use Coleman cable in all of our installations. Coleman
manufactures much of their cable in the USA. All of our structured wiring
system and telephone outlets are run to a central low-voltage panel.
Distributed Home Audio
The days of having just a rotary volume control are quickly coming to an end. We
offer systems that allow you to have from 4 to 16 different sources playing in
individual rooms through your house. These systems are easy to use and can
incorporate anything a CD player, iPod, satellite service or even a music server to
store your entire music collection.
Home Automation
Welcome to the smart home. Control4 allows us to bring conveniences such as
lighting and thermostat control to just about any home. Control4 products are
surprisingly affordable as well! For example, a six zone whole home audio
system is similar in cost to other advanced systems. The difference is that
Control4 allows so much more to be integrated into just one control panel. Call
us today to find our more!
Home Theater
We provide nationally recognized, award-winning home theater design,
equipment and installation. We can offer affordable solutions from
concept to completion that include 2:35:1 ultra-widescreen systems and
earth-shaking sound! And then top it off with a reliable, easy-to-use
remote. Why go to the movie theaters, when you can have even better
in your own home!
- Theater Planning 101 - Useful Tips
Central Vacuum with BEAM
Central vacuum systems are not only more convenient than conventional
vacuums, they are cleaner, quieter, and faster than traditional units. Our
go-to brand for these systems is BEAM, which has show to be very
affordable and reliable. A "kick sweep" is a great upgrade for your kitchen.
Just simply sweep your debris to an outlet that you kick open and it instantly
sucks away crumbs, neat!
Security Systems & Monitoring
We offer security systems and camera surveillance systems that are
custom-designed for your home and needs. Cameras can be seen and manipulated
away from home through a Control4 system. We can design a system that is simple to
use but is also secure and comforting. We are constantly educating ourselves to offer
you the most advanced systems available. We offer security monitoring as well.

Acoustic Treatment
Treating your media or theater room is vital. Why spend thousands of dollars
on nice speakers, only to not thousands of dollars on nice speakers, only to
not the Home Acoustics Alliance allows us to bring out properly acoustically
treat the room? Our training with amazing sound in your room through proper
acoustic treatment. We carry solid colored panels and fabric as well as very
decorative acoustic panels that interior decorators would like.
To see specific product brands we offer, please visit our Products page.