This project was a 7200 square foot residence for a family of four with a
large extended family. The homeowners designed the layout of the home
themselves and were after a Colorado modern style. Colorado Media
Systems was involved early in the project and were able to determine the
client’s needs from several meetings and drafts of proposals.
Once the proposal stage was completed, the pre-wiring stage started. All of
the display locations were wired so that they could initially be use with a
component video matrix but could also be used with a HDMI matrix if that
capability were desired down the road.

This system is a large system consisting of 14 stereo and 2 surround sound
zones of audio. There are 13 displays in the residence, all being fed from a
16x16 video matrix. All of the TV’s in the project are 1080p Samsung models and the video projector for the theater is a
The upstairs surround sound area features a top-of-line 46” Samsung 750
series LCD. This TV is recessed in a niche that was prepared especially
for the TV. There is a set of fans behind the TV to help it stay cool. The
receiver for this area is a Marantz SR6003 that is located in the head-end
rack in the machine room. The speakers are all from NHT with the
exception of the in-ceiling Atlantic Technology subwoofer that required a
custom enclosure to be fabricated.
The theater features a 120” screen and a JVC DLA350 projector. The
surround processor is a Marantz AV8003 feeding a Marantz MM8003
amplifier. The speakers are from NHT with their Classic Four towers and
Classic Three center. The surround speakers are mounted into a wood
beam that was a feature added on-site. The speakers were feaux-painted
to match the beam perfectly.
Other features of the system are a video
game console that is mounted in the rack for
use in the theater. A separate console in
installed in the teenage boy’s bedroom and is
fed to the distributed audio system to allow
the use of the in-ceiling speakers in his
bedroom. There are 2 outdoor zones that
have Sonance in-ceiling speakers to supply
music to these areas but maintain the low-
profile look the homeowners wanted

The central rack of the system contains 5
DirecTV HD-DVR’s, 2 standard-definition
Multi-Functional Media Room, and, Oh-So-Much-More:
Distributed Audio and Video with Two Surround Sound Zones
Finalist, "Best Media Room"
2010 Electronic House, Home of the Year
DVD players, a Marantz Blu-Ray player, a 16x16 video matrix with digital audio switching,
a 16x16 stereo audio matrix, a Control4 HC1000, a Control4 HC300, four Control4 HC200’
s, a dual AM/FM tuner and all of the required networking gear with battery backups.