Colorado Media Systems makes home technology easy, fun, and affordable for
you. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. All of this -- while staying on top of
thenewest and greatest thing in home entertainment systems.

Custom Installation, Quality and
We provide nationally-recognized, award- winning advanced residential
technology solutions including audio, video, networking, security, structured
wiring and central vacuum. Our goal is to educate our clients regarding
high-tech systems for everyday use, and provide those solutions in an
integrated approach that enriches their lives.
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We don't just simply install wiring systems. We listen to your goals for your media and structured wiring needs. We strive
to help you make educated decisions about the equipment and services we provide. Then, we install the system that best
suits what your desires are and then show you how to use the system. We inform you along the way about emerging
technologies as well as educating you about the entertainment systems you hear so much about like HDTV and
technologies like DLP, LED, 3D and Blu-Ray.

We bring years of knowledge gained in professional recording studios to the residential environment and custom quality,
CEDIA Certified installation, plus value added technology as standard features that our competitors only offer at an
additional cost.

Why rely on a salesman from a local stereo shop when you can have experience that was developed in the professional
recording studio? Our media systems stem from more than a decade of experience in professional recording studios. Our
team is partially or fully responsible for the creation of studios in Vermont, Nashville, Houston, Alabama, Florida and
Colorado. We can set up your entertainment systems not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also configure them the
way that the producers and engineers who created your favorite music and movies intended their work to be seen and

Whole-House Technology Solutions through
Control4 Automation Systems
A home automation system can enhance your life by making routine tasks simple. With a keypad, touch screen, or
remote, you can control all of the lighting in your home, adjust the temperature, and monitor your security system. And did
we mention you can do all of this while away from home through the internet? Read more on our
Control4 page.


Home Theater and Media Rooms
Weather you are longing for a dedicated home theater or a multi-purpose media
room, we can help you design a space that will exceed your expectations and make you the envy of all of your friends. If
you are starting from scratch we would be happy to share building methods with your contractor to make your room all it
was meant to be. Best of all, we make these technologies easy to use by offering remote control systems that are “wife-
friendly” and operate with simple one button controls such as “Watch TV” or “Play a DVD”.
- Theater & Media Room Planning - Useful Tips

Security Systems & Monitoring
We offer security systems and camera surveillance systems that are custom-designed for your home and needs.
Cameras can be seen and manipulated away from home through a Control4 system. We can design a system that is
simple to use but is also secure and comforting. We are constantly educating ourselves to offer you the most advanced
systems available. We offer security monitoring as well.

Central Vacuum & Hepa Air Filter Systems with BEAM
Central vacuum systems are not only more convenient than conventional vacuums, they are cleaner, quieter, and faster
than traditional units. Our go-to brand for these systems is BEAM, which has show to be very affordable and reliable. A
"kick sweep" is a great upgrade for your kitchen. Just simply sweep your debris to an outlet that you kick open and it
instantly sucks away crumbs, neat!
More about BEAM...

Acoustic Treatment
Treating your media or theater room is vital. Why spend thousands of dollars on nice speakers, only to not properly
acoustically treat the room? Our training with the Home Acoustics Alliance allows us to bring out amazing sound in your
room through proper acoustic treatment. We carry solid colored panels and fabric as well as very decorative acoustic
panels that interior decorators would like.
Distributed Home Audio
Distributed home audio is also a hot technology that people want in their
house. We can install everything from a simple system that allows an
Ipod to be played throughout your house, to a system that allows for a
different source in each room of your home.